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Touchstone is an independent school serving students in grades PK–8 while cultivating a joy of lifelong learning through transformative, intellectual, social & emotional growth.

News and Events

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Join Us for a Summer of Fun!

Touchstone Community School is excited to announce its all new summer program, running June 22-July 31. The Touchstone Summer Camp is a camp focused on community, play, eco-literacy, and joyful learning. Through hands-on activities and play, campers form community, learn new skills,… » Read More

TCS Curriculum Highlights

TCS recently held Family Night, an opportunity for students to show off their individual and classroom work with their families and friends. (Read the Curriculum Highlights Brochure and explore the exciting learning taking place in our classrooms.) Each classroom’s essential question and thematic… » Read More

The Importance of Pill Bugs: A Year-long Study of Pill Bugs in Sharon’s Class

Pill bugs are an important component of the larger decomposer fauna, which return organic matter to the soil and enrich it. The primary goal of this project was to have the 9-11-year-old class, through experiential learning, understand the significance of pill bugs… » Read More

Work hard, play hard: Clark University looks at the role of fun

By Susan Spencer TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF susan.spencer@telegram.com (This article appeared in the Worcester Telegram on February 1, 2015) Twenty-first century Americans’ relationship with play is, to use the social-media vernacular, complicated. On the one hand, schools have cut play time in… » Read More