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  • Touchstone Community School is nestled in the rolling hills of Grafton, Massachusetts. Located on a wooded, eight-acre campus, the main school building plus two modules encompass over 12,000 square feet of interior space, which includes 11 classrooms, a library, an arts project room, a conference room, a gymnasium, a kitchen and a large common room. The atmosphere is open, relaxed, and inviting with multiple areas for play, study, and hands-on learning. Two adjoining playing fields, a greenhouse, gardening beds, a playground, woods, and stream are rich in opportunities for environmental learning, playful recreation, and full engagement of the children with one another and their environment.

    Speak Touchstone

    When you visit Touchstone Community School, you might be curious about some of the terminology you hear. This listing might help you better understand your conversations with our families, faculty, and students.

    TCS – Touchstone Community School
    EDP – Extended Day Program (our after school program)
    BOT – Board of Trustees
    OSP – Older Student Program (Touchstone’s Middle School)
    PLG  Program Leadership Group
    P/T – Parent/Teacher Conference
    TCS Weekly – A weekly calendar email to parents
    News Notes – Our monthly newsletter to parents
    Cubbie – The place your child hangs their coat and puts their lunchbox
    The Circle – The curved part of the Touchstone driveway where children exit their cars in the morning and are picked up at dismissal.
    The Pod – The modular building that houses the 4 year old program.
    The Cottage – The modular building that houses the OSP.
    Song Stairs – The large wooden boxes in the Common Room that open up and can be used as risers for choral performances.

    Please let us know others you hear throughout the year you think should be added to this list.