What’s Up in the Parking Lot Garden?

Have you noticed it? The sunniest spot on the TCS campus, that triangular piece of open land just past the dumpsters, was crying out to be put to use. Now it is in its second year growing wonderful food. Last September a parent reported her child spotting a big green watermelon on the other side of the barrier and saying in amazement, “Mommy, someone put a watermelon on the ground over there!” That watermelon grew from a seed kids planted the previous spring along with pumpkins, butternut squash, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Wheat! Last fall we planted “Red Lama” wheat seedlings at the far end of the triangle. Those plants are now pushing up beautiful heads of wheat that we’ll harvest this summer, dry, thresh, grind and bake into bread. If all goes well, we’ll save some of this year’s seed and plant more wheat in the coming fall.

Dahlias! Julie’s class has just finished planting eight dahlia tubers along the edge of the fence that should produce gorgeous blooms toward the end of summer. Thanks to Kristen Keefe for another wonderful gift to the school. We’ll also be planting tomatoes between the dahlias and melons and pumpkins in the center area of the garden in the next two weeks.Dahlia seed packDahlia garden site

TCS Family ComposterCompost! Seth moved the portable black plastic composter to the parking lot garden. This will make it super-easy for non-composting TCS families to drop off kitchen waste for school garden use. All accumulated potato and carrot peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. — everything except meat, cheese and fat — are very welcome. If you bring it, we’ll use it gratefully! posted by Marian Hazzard