Chicken Update

Despite the frigid temperatures over the past few weeks, our two young chickens are happily scratching and pecking. Many thanks to the numerous parent volunteers who check on the chickens daily. I am so excited about the positive energy around the chickens. Every day I am on recess duty, I see bunches of students hudled around the coop watching the chickens — experiential education at its best! Most of the students have experience with indoor pets, from dogs and cats to rodents — but this is the first time many of them have experienced what many consider “farm animals.”

I find myself talking about chickens quite often throughout the day, whether one of the 4-year old students wants to share a funny sound one of the chickens made, or one of my 7th grade students who now wants to start a farm! Pretty soon, all this snow will melt and we will move the chicken tractor to a new location that the chickens will fertilize, sustainable agriculture at its best!