Chicken Tractor On The Move

Despite the cold weather and few signs of spring, Monday was a great day in the garden. Numerous students from the young one’s in Sheryl’s class to the teenagers in the OSP helped move the chicken tractor to a new bed in the garden. It was really interesting to hear the student’s thoughts on why we were moving the chickens.

A couple of students thought the chickens were trying to dig their way out, which provided a nice opportunity to talk about the chicken’s needs. When using chicken tractors (bottomless pens that enclose the birds over a specific area), it is up to the caretaker to ensure the chicken has the proper amount of fodder to peck at. Although we added quite a lot of hay and leaves for the chickens to peck at and keep them busy, it is important to move them to a new spot on a regular basis to ensure the soil does not become overloaded with the chicken’s manure. As with all things in nature, balance is key.

With warm weather and favorable gardening temperatures on the way, I anticipate moving the coop again before April vacation. The next location will likely be between the greenhouse and the compost bins; that particular location does not have any vegetation, and could certainly use some fertilization from the chickens!