1. hike

    Promoting Life-Long Learners

    People often ask what defines “progressive” education. And, of course, opinions differ depending on who answers. But for Touchstone, the notion of progressive education is straightforward. Put simply, a central characteristic of a progressive school is a commitment to creating an environment… » Read More

  2. 101008-TCS-0299
  3. Staying Healthy in Flu Season

    If you or your child has flu-like symptoms or has been diagnosed with a flu-like illness, stay home and keep your children home! Staying home is the number one method of preventing the spread of the flu. Once exposed, you are a… » Read More

  5. Betti, Alina & Jen

    The Importance of Play at Touchstone

    “Throughout the school, play is valued,” explains Sheryl Harrow, Touchstone Community School’s Pre-K teacher. Play is critical for social-emotional development; and all day, every day, Sheryl ensures that play is integrated throughout every child’s learning experience.