1. Touchstone Community School Garden Overview

    Our garden that is located at the Touchstone Community School (TCS) in Grafton, MA stretches throughout the school campus. The campus is over 8-acres, with a variety of vegetation successional levels to include fields and meadows, a vernal pond, forests and many… » Read More

  2. Writing with young adolescents

    To begin, I want you to think of everything you have to do while writing: finding the words for new thoughts spelling the words actually producing the written version of each word, forming each letter, or finding it on a keyboard keeping… » Read More

  3. Morning Sketching

    Some samples, none from my current class: Sherry comes into the classroom ready to make sense right away. Joey is a walking blur for the first half hour. Scott may well have had another argument with his brother in the car on… » Read More

  4. Chicken or the Egg?

    We have the answer to the age old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Well, at least for our chicken we do. Our two chickens, who have been living with us since the holiday break, have produced a perfect… » Read More