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    Touchstone Students Talk About Touchstone

    When we wanted to develop a video that explained the unique educational philosophy of Touchstone Community School, we knew we could spend a great amount of time talking about its transformative model of education, social-emotional curriculum, and outstanding faculty. But then we… » Read More

  2. 2016_family_night

    TCS Curriculum Highlights

    TCS recently held Family Night, an opportunity for students to show off their individual and classroom work with their families and friends. Each classroom’s essential question and thematic learning are presented in fun and interactive ways. Read the Curriculum Highlights Brochure and explore the exciting… » Read More

  3. classroom_ED

    Managing Classrooms for Improved Outcomes

    Walk into a Touchstone classroom and you’ll likely see multiple activities happening at once. Students will be working with partners or small groups. Others will be working in large groups. And there will be students doing independent work, too. How can Touchstone… » Read More

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    2014-15 Report of Annual Giving

    All of us at Touchstone are grateful to all of you – parents, faculty, children, alumni, grandparents, and friends –  for your support to the 2014-2015 annual appeal. The 2014-15 Report of Annual Giving is linked. You’ll find, not only the myriad… » Read More

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    Still in First Grade

    Touchstone is the news….Our visitors from China and Israel came to observe TCS with the intention of creating a school in China after our program here in Grafton, MA. Professor Shlomo Maital, a distinguished researcher of entrepreneurship in the global marketplace, wrote… » Read More