What’s Up in the Garden? 86 Potatoes!

Ginny’s class dug two of the three square foot beds of potatoes last Wednesday afternoon. By Friday Ginny reported: “The potatoes were scrubbed during choice time with great vigor! They were all grouped and organized at math time and counted in groups of fives. There are 86 potatoes! We worked on a poem today and wrote one ourselves. We will do more work with the poems next week. The kids have devised a list of all the things that can be done with the potatoes — from making potato ice cream (and other more reasonable foods!) to selling them in bags and giving the money to the ‘garden person’! Before writing workshop today the whole class told the story, one by one, turning our imaginary pages, of the potato harvest. Many children wrote their own stories during the workshop time.” On Tuesday of this week a small group of three kids spent their choice time boiling potatoes to see what happens. Deciding which ones to cook and how many each person should get was an absorbing math challenge. And heating up potatoes to 212 ° F was a chemistry experiment. Back in the classroom those little spuds were well received by all. (Well, almost all…) This week Ginny’s class will learn where potatoes first came from long ago and try cooking and eating potatoes another way. – Marian Hazzard

Th digging begins

The biggest potato