Music Across the Ages at Touchstone Community School

The Winter Concert was just fantastic! From the rock opera of Bohemian Rhapsody to the quieter Winter Song, the whole concert was a joy. Thanks to the members of the Touchstone Chorus and to the families, friends, and members of the TCS community who support them!

The Touchstone Chorus is the most visible way music happens at Touchstone. In chorus rehearsals, we work to learn the music, work on diction and expression, with bits of music history and music theory as the need arrives. This year we began working even more on harmonies.

There is a lot of music at Touchstone even before kids enter chorus. At the youngest ages, there is the fun of learning a musical repertoire with a group and experiencing how the parts of a song are put together. Many songs work as “zipper” songs, in which children can change the lyrics. Changing the lyrics also means theys need to figure out how to put in their words in the same musical space-it is truly math in disguise!

As children get a bit older, we work on learning about instruments, basic music theory-being able to read, write, and play the notes in an octave, comprehending rests and staves, and doing some creative compositions-and some music history, mostly learning about musical genres and studying the instruments involved in one of the famous classical pieces suited for children, like Carnival of the Animals.

More and more research shows just how much music supports academic learning. Here is a great article from the New York Times.

To learn more about the Integrated Arts program at Touchstone Community school, please call us at 508-839-0038, or email info@touchstoneschool.com.