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  • Goals and Initiatives
  • Goals and Initiatives


    Goal: By 2020, the TCS community will use clear and consistent language to communicate who we are, who we serve, what we do, and why we exist.


    • Develop accurate and informative materials to communicate who we are, who we serve, what we do, and why we exist.
    • Educate all stakeholders in the use of the new materials.
    • Define role of faculty in delivering transformative education and create a cultivation and training plan for next generation of faculty to ensure the legacy of current teaching methodology.


    Goal: By 2020, Touchstone will have strengthened our commitment to and our understanding of all facets of diversity in our community.


    • Engage in an ongoing process of meaningful reflection and self-study regarding inclusivity, equity, access, and diversity of cultures.
    • Develop and begin to implement a Diversity Strategic Plan.


    Goal: By 2020, TCS will create a vibrant and growing community within Touchstone, will strengthen ties with its extended community, and will engage the wider world through community outreach.


    • Develop, strengthen and nurture our sense of community within our current and extended TCS family.
    • Develop and sustain community outreach programs.

    Pedagogical Branding

    Goal: By 2020, TCS will develop a pedagogical model of the Touchstone experience, which can be adopted by other institutions.


    • Define and develop the pedagogical model of transformative education.
    • Create and implement deliverable experiences to apply the principles of transformative education in business and educational settings.


    Goal: By 2020, TCS will have defined an effective leadership structure that is aligned with the mission and values of the school.


    • Research, define and develop models of leadership and decision making that are aligned with our mission and values.
    • Implement our chosen leadership and decision-making model.
    • Implement Independent School Management (ISM) recommendation of a fully profiled Board.
    • Conduct periodic reviews of health and stability of TCS using measurable and consistent assessment tools (i.e., ISM Markers, head review, parent survey, etc.

    Plant & Facilities

    Goal: By 2020, TCS will have a land use and facilities plan (Campus Master Plan) that provides a flexible framework for future development consistent with TCS’s mission and values.


    • Improve the campus’s use of the outdoor environment to support outdoor learning and play opportunities.
    • Research whether the present location is optimal in delivering our mission and values, and attracting enrollment.
    • Develop a land use and facilities plan (Campus Master Plan).


    Goal: By 2020, TCS’s yearly income will be equal to or in excess of operating expenses, utilizing a hard income model, a growing endowment, and robust fundraising.


    • Develop an Office of Advancement.
    • Increase Annual Fund by 5% per year and, at a minimum, triple the endowment in ways that support the mission and values of the school.
    • Reduce reliance on Annual Fund in the operating expenses.
    • Review and revise compensation and benefit levels for faculty with a goal of “best in class” compensation to retain and to attract excellent faculty.
    • Align budget (faculty, staff, campus, operations) to desired enrollment, retention level, and strategic plan goals.


    Goal: By 2020, TCS will establish comprehensive marketing initiatives to better promote Touchstone Community School within existing markets to expand TCS’s reach into new markets.


    • Develop and implement a multi-year marketing plan aligned with our mission and values to promote TCS within existing and prospective markets and increase enrollment.
    • Make Transformative Education and Touchstone Community School recognizable brands within a 100 mile radius.


    Strategic Plan

    Our Mission

    To cultivate a joy of lifelong learning through transformative intellectual, social & emotional growth.